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Second hand and difficult to find books, and magazines
Find rare, hard to get, second hand , difficult to find, out of print books
While most people say that all information is available for free online, in reality the amount of information available online remains limited, especially the information relevant to tropical areas, where internet connectivity remains poor and there is little incentive for an expert to provide information online for free. While electronics technology related information remains the same worldwide, for many other topics, especially related to flora, fauna, crafting , DIY, food, clothes, culture, there are great differences.
So people in some parts of world will continue to refer to books and magazines for information, collectibles and to learn knew skills. A wide collection of books, many of them, out of print are available for lending and purchase at the right price.
Some of the books available are
Our feathered friends by U.C. Chopra
Seasonal Gardening Guide from Sutton Seeds
Webster's Thesaurus Copyright 1996 V.Nichols
Best Magic Tricks by C.T Charles
Growing Dahlias by S.C.Dey
Vardhavep - Embroidery Crystal work
Make your Soft toys at home - Saubhagya Prakashan
Making Soft toys at home - Rohan book company
The book of Indian Shells - Deepak Apte, Bombay Natural history society
Chacha Chaudhary and Sky Divers - Pran
Chacha Chaudhary and Golden brick - Pran
Chacha Chaudhary Sabu in Black island - Pran
Pinki and Kutkut Squirrel - Pran

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